Dear Keren Hayesod leadership and activists,

As we are sure you have been following, over the past couple of days the State of Israel experienced a major flair up of rockets fired from Gaza on Israeli communities in the south. This morning a ceasefire agreement was reached, and there appears to be calm for now.

We are currently hosting our global leadership for the annual Presidents Conference and the Keren Hayesod Annual World Conference . The concern of our global leadership that have gathered in Israel has been heartfelt. As such, we believe it necessary to update you on what is happening here in Israel and to share with you the sentiments of the Israeli public.

Over the weekend, an estimated 700 rockets were fired at Israel. Families in the southern region were forced to stay in bomb shelters, classes were cancelled and routine life for Israelis was disrupted. During these renewed rocket attacks, four Israeli civilians were killed, and hundreds injured. The escalation also affects the mental health of Israelis, especially among children.

Israel has attacked Hamas and Islamic Jihad with force. The IDF attacked 350 target sites in addition to individual terrorists, their leaders and their infrastructure.
We know that Israel is in your thoughts, and we appreciate your sincere concern for our people. On behalf of Keren Hayesod and our international campaigns around the globe, we send our condolences to the families that have lost their love ones, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded.

We are currently in the midst of marking important national days in Israel, including Yom HaShoah V’Gvura (Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day), Yom HaZikaron (Remembrance Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror) and Yom Ha’Atzmaut
(Israel’s Independence Day) for Israel’s 71st anniversary of independence. This latest round of fighting, which has occurred during this period of national holidays, is yet another reminder of Israel’s continued struggle to ensure the Jewish people’s right to our homeland.

As in previous years, during these sacred days we will again show our strength, the strength of the Israeli public and the strength of Jewish people around the world today and in the future.
The Keren Hayesod family, on behalf of its leadership and communities around the world, embraces the Israeli public and expresses its profound solidarity with Israel.
We wish you and the people of Israel days of peace and security.


Sam Grundwerg, World Chairman

David Koschitzky, Chairman, World Board of Trustees

Letter – May 4-5 Rockets Escalation